Online Gambling

Online casino popularity is growing exponentially, and it seems that the hype for online gambling will last for much longer than we expected.  Covid-19 pandemic seems to be one of the main reasons for online casino’s popularity. The online casino industry is very active and competitive. Operators often provide special promotions and bonuses. We have listed down several reasons why Online Casinos are thriving here in the Philippines.


One of the major reasons people are so hooked up with online casinos is the satisfying feeling winning brings them. Pinoy’s are very competitive, so, beating the banker or other gamblers brings unexplainable joy and happiness to the player. There is a study that shows that even the tiniest victory can create a sense of accomplishment that releases endorphins into the brain.

Online Gambling BEING IN CONTROL

Online Gambling development involves luck and chance but people still enjoy it because at the end of the day they know that they are still in control of what they are going to play and how much risk they are going to take. Choosing when to play and when to stop or what kind of game they are going to play is a decision that the individual makes that enhances their feeling of being in control.


COVID-19 has brought too much stress and anxiety to everyone, so people seek a way to ease their boredom and anxiety.  Online casinos are popular because they offer to escape from the daily struggle of reality even for a short time, which is a very much-needed distraction during the COVID-19 lockdown and isolation.


Learning new strategies or skills on how to beat other players and the dealer is one of the main reasons an individual enjoys online gambling and betting. The fulfilling feeling of winning plus learning new strategies or getting new skills creates this happy satisfying feeling of achieving something.

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