Blockchain games could be the future of gaming evolution, but first, we have to know what a blockchain game is, how it works, and when did it start? Let us discuss those things to get a better understanding of blockchain.

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A blockchain is a list of growing records called blocks, blocks are tied up or linked together by cryptography. You could imagine this, blocks represent several different aspects of a data transition all tied up together securely by cryptography. A blockchain holds valid transactions, hashed and coded into a Merkle tree. A Merkle tree is a summary of all the transactions in a block. In addition to that, blockchain will fundamentally change the business model that affects gaming. It will lean more towards the players and players’ freedom.



There are several ways blockchain could be applied to esports gaming. First, it uses a payment mechanism for game purchases and transactions. When a player wins like in cryptoblades several rounds, stages, levels, and competitions they will be rewarded with different things such as coins, gems, and collectible things. There are also other applications of blockchain as a game. Cryptokittens is a blockchain game wherein players purchase, breed, collect and sell different types of virtual cats.

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Blockchain platforms use powerful data encryption technologies to secure crypto token transactions. If you create and develop your game on blockchain and allow players to buy in and sell-in game assets with the use of digital currencies, they have enough security to do so.


Gaming and blockchain are natural partners, if you want to develop your next game you should consider the advantage of blockchain tech for game distribution. You should plan and study more about the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Overall, blockchain will have a massive effect on the esports gaming and online casino industry in the future.

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