Axie Infinity Multiverse

Before you start your Axie Infinity Multiverse journey, there are several terminologies and things you have to study and learn. In this article, we will be guiding you on things you have to learn.

WHAT IS AN Axie Infinity Multiverse ?

Axie are pet-like creatures that you have to raise, battle, breed, and collect. Each axies has its own stats that determine its role in your team or party in the battle.

Axie Infinity Guide


Each axies has 4 (four stats). Health, morale, skill, and speed.

Here is what stats do.

HP: This is the amount of damage your individual axie can take before getting knocked out.

MORALE: Morale increases your axies critical strike chance. 

SKILLS: Skills add damages when your axie plays several cards at once. 

SPEED: Speed determines the turnover. The fastest axie does the first attack.

Axies stats are determined by two variables, their class, and body parts.

Axie Power


Each Axies has six different body parts. Eyes, ear, horns, mouth, back, and tail. Axies body parts determine what card they can use in a battle. Each body adds stats depending on the class of the body parts. 

Each Axie can draw from a pool of 4 potential cards in battle. Cards comes from a body part.

Axie type


Just like in pokemon, the axie battle system mechanics is a turned-based card game whose goal is to eliminate your enemies. Each player must strategically use their cards that maximize their chance of winning.

Axie card


Because the mechanic of the game needs to be played strategically and your every move should be well planned, new players or starting players’ axie team should consist of one depender and two attackers. You should put your defender in the front so that it can absorb all the incoming damage.

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Defender – Every team needs a durable axie for the role of a defender or tank. Tanks will defend your backline.

Attacker – Attacker or damage dealers focus on hitting your opponents. They have small HP, that is why they need a defender to survive.

In conclusion, don’t worry if you do not have a perfect team yet because once you gain experience with the game you will definitely get the hang of what makes an axie multiverse powerful and what combination can make a strong team.

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