What is MY Defi Pet Game?

Mydefipet is a blockchain-based virtual game that uses decentralized finance and non-fungible token elements, E Games Philippines are very excited about this Play-to-earn game while having fun, and the game runs on both Binance and smart chain system and Kardiachain.

Create By Topebox a top games developer in Vietnam, They release the game on May 14, 2021, Two weeks before the launch of MY DEFI PET game they had already garnered about 150,00 +token holder, Two million egg purchases and over 3million transactions and having 200 million downloads worldwide is such a short period.

This launch is very timely when Axie price went to high lot of e games enthusiasm and even e game Philippines see the potential of this games as a next to Axie infinity that also bring some cash as a return of investment.

How Much MyDefipet DPET TOken Price?

The Current price today, September 10, 2021, is $4.14 or 208 PH PESOS,

Credit to coingecko

The Price of DPET Token started to increase when Axie infinity trend globally and is all over the social media and even news that many players are earning enormous amount of cash by playing the game on smartphone or PC and Laptop. Many people get curious and start investing; DPET Price starts only at $0.79 or 39.35 PH pesos, where you need 3DPET to purchase one egg as your pet when you hatch it.

You can own an EGG or pet for only 118.05 Pesos or $2.37. But now, as the current price is $4.14 or 208 PH PESOS, you can own a pet for about $12.42 or 624 PESOS. Not good news for those who want to start now, but this kind of event is a good signal that this game has a future, so don’t be surprised when the DPET Token went more than $20 or 1000 Pesos in the coming months or a year.

What you need to know before you start playing MY DEFI PET

My Defi Pet Egg

You can create an account for free, but for you to have a pet and start earning, you need to buy an EGG and evolve as a PET so that you can start playing on the PVP match and boss fight event.

You need 3 DPET to have a 1 EGG. You can check the price on google what is the current price. Regular players recommend at least 4 to 5 pets is a good start. The estimated investment for five pet or 1team is about 5000 pesos.

One of the awaiting events of every e games player is the Staking Or Hunting events is set to be released today, September 10, 2021, but for the unfortunate circumstances, one of the Dev test positive with the Covid 19 virus, so that management announced its cancelation. By mid-September is the estimated release of the stacking and hunting event, so a lot of players and even E game Philippines are surely excited for this event.

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