Whatever you think you know about the old popular game of chance, where you use multi-colored daubers on Bingo cards and call out “bingo” for prospective wins, one thing is for sure: that’s not all there is to it. Whether it’s the traditional or the online version, the game Bingo seems to have jumped on the bandwagon of addressing not only the 21st-century version of boredom but also the modern quest for a healthier lifestyle.


Curious? Read on and find your next excuse to play a game or two.

It’s not just about fun; it’s good for the brain, too.


Bingo can be fun and entertaining like any other e-games. However, studies showed that playing Bingo blitz, whether through face-to-face or virtual Bingo games could work wonders for your head. It’s good for many things concerning the head, and some researchers at the University of Southampton named a few: memory, speed, cognitive function, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s disease.

It works wonders for the physique and improves hand-eye coordination.


Let’s face it: Whenever we talk about Bingo, we immediately think of oldies loitering around residential care facilities, senior centers, and church groups. However, research has proven that though it is no aerobic exercise, it offers some benefits for the physique. The excitement and the camaraderie resulting from a shared game table or a winning pattern works wonders in lowering the risk of disability among elderly players. The game also hones the players’ reflexes and alertness, significantly improving their hand-eye coordination as they watch their bingo cards and the bingo flashboard all at once.

It is a social tool.


This statement is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that games, e-games or otherwise, are suitable for building connections. Humans are social animals, so it isn’t surprising to learn that social activities like free online Bingo games can help reduce the risks of depression, anxiety, and even memory loss, which are all generally associated with poor social integration.

As it turns out, it is more than just a social activity. It’s essential, particularly for the elderly loved ones, to go to their game sessions regularly. Whether it is for the free credits, the fun, the money or the health benefits, at the very least, Bingo, or even e-Bingo, is an excellent excuse to forge friendships and new social connections that can go beyond the game room, whether physical or virtual.

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