You deserve to know. Since freedom of expression was born in the late 40s, information became a fundamental human right. Since then, information has become so easily accessible, and most of us tend to take them as facts. But, what if we tell you that sometimes, some info – from the Internet, gambler’s wisdom, or word of mouth – is not necessarily true? 

The gambling industry, for instance, is industry-led by faith. Gamblers all have a natural propensity for things like luck and destiny. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned slot gambler doesn’t matter. If you’re looking to exercise your right to correct information, then allow us to clear up some of the most common slot machine misconceptions. After all, the truth, they say, shall set you free. 


P.S.—Keep in mind that these are all beliefs that have been around for a long time. Whether you believe them or not is all up to you, but here are the facts you’d want to bear in mind next time you hear them.

Online Slot Machines

Online gambling has been around since 1994. Naturally, this list of slot machine myths won’t be complete without talking about the myths circulating the online equivalent of the colorful slot machines that dominate the floor space of every casino around the world. 

Myth 1: Online casinos fix their slot machines to ensure that the house wins.


The Truth: Online slots have a house edge, just like any other game. However, this doesn’t mean that online slots are rigged to make you lose all the time. The idea is to keep the odds in the casino’s favor so they will always earn money no matter what game you play. Nonetheless, you can always win with a bit of luck as slot machines are generally fair, albeit random.

Myth 2: Using autoplay instead of manual clicking pays less.


The Truth: This myth is the online version of the belief that the way you spin the reels affect the payout rate. The truth is, online slot machines use random number generators (RNGs), and these RNGs cannot discern the difference between how players spun the reels. That said, there is no way it can improve or even affect your gameplay. 

Myth 3: Using bonuses instead of real money in slot machines reduces your odds of winning.


The Truth: We’ll say it again: RNGs can’t tell whether or not you’re using a bonus. They don’t know how you spun the reels or if you’re using a bonus or real money—in other words, using bonuses can’t hurt your chances of winning money. 

Myth 4: Progressive jackpots at online casinos are only won by high rollers.


The Truth: Anyone can win jackpots. The only sliver of truth in this myth is that the odds of winning the progressive jackpot increase if the amount wagered per spin is higher in some online slots. Other slots also require playing the maximum number of coins per spin to win. This doesn’t mean clicking the max button will make you win a progressive jackpot. For some slots, it does mean that high rollers get better chances than low-ballers. A word of caution: using the max button means you’ll be exhausting your bankroll faster by placing max stakes. 

Myth 5: You can alter the spin outcome by clicking the stop button. 


The Truth: Most online slots now come with the stop button, yes. However, press this does not do anything to the outcome. Instead, it gives you the option to stop the rolling of the reels before it’s meant to stop. It’s perfect if you hate waiting, but it doesn’t do a thing to the spin’s outcome. The truth is, the slot machines generate the spin results as soon as you start rolling the reels. 

As one of the most popular casino games, even for online plays, slot machines are perhaps one of every casino’s biggest revenue generators. That said, it’s also one that most people want to win, hence all the weird myths about supposedly beating the system. It’s a lot like the belief in getting real lucky bingo card when playing Bingo.

We took a closer look at some of these myths, hoping we could also get to the jackpot, but, err, maybe it’s better if you try your luck yourself. You may check out the slot machine games at Gamezone, have a spin or two, and maybe tell us if you discovered new tricks?

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