Filipino Past Time

Filipino Past Time is the best time for every normal citizen in this country, particularly when you aren’t rich, like many Filipinos, you definitely would wish to gain additional earnings. Betting is so appealing and also can be addicting for us that we in some cases can’t give up. Some sorts of gambling are even illegal, like jueteng and also masiao. So beware if you want to gamble.


Well, anybody that intends to join a variety show must spend cash, time energy, and also often, life


You have a higher chance of dying in a cars and truck mishap while getting a ticket than winning the 6/49 lotto.

Filipino Past Time  Lotto


Pool (or billiards) is popular among overdue trainees. Filipinos are kinda skilled with this sporting activity though. You need accurate mathematical skills to intend the sphere towards a pocket.

Losing your teeth helps a lot like what Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes had done to his.


A lot of middle-aged or old people play bingo in their activity. It’s very easy to play and also can be enjoyable … often, specifically, if you win. Considering the one of the most Filipino Past time.


Hantak is played by throwing three coins of the same value on a stone piece and also banking on which side would certainly the coins fall. Coins that did not land on the rock slab aren’t counted.

This video game is prominent among trisikad vehicle drivers.


Mahjong is one of the most preferred games of chance in the Philippines.

Just how do you play mahjong? Try asking anybody that’s addicted to gambling or reading this guide.

Card games

Tong-its, Pusoy, Lucky 9, or whatever card video game I say, I bet (no pun planned) you’ve already played it.

Card video games are popular during a funeral, in addition to biscuits and also coffee.

Betting on sporting activities

Most hardcore sports fans bet on their favorite group or professional athlete. That’s why lots of rips were shed when Miami Heat was defeated or when Pacquiao was ‘defeated’ by Bradley.

It’s not even if Pinoys think that their preferred would win, it’s their means of revealing their assistance.

Cockfighting Or Sabong

Filipino Past Time  Sabong

Do you recognize anybody that elevates roosters? I’m sure you know a colleague or 2 that joins in cockfighting.

there’s a preferred area called Coliseum as well as it’s a venue where sabung is held.

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